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Dweck Customer Service Pledge

Our company was built on the power of human connection and a focus on delivering joy and care.

A welcoming smile. A supportive ear. A personal touch. You'll feel that warmth at every turn

  • At move-in, you'll be welcomed to your new home by a member of our property team. They will introduce you to the property, share some information about your residence, and address any of your questions. They are responsible for ensuring your experience with us is a great one.
  • During weekdays, your questions or concerns will receive a personal response within two business days. And, we'll respond to your maintenance request within two business days. If we cannot complete the work within two business days, you will be notified of the status and when to expect resolution. Of course, emergency maintenance is available 24/7.
  • Plus, you can expect personal check-ins throughout your time with us, just to see how you are enjoying your home. And when it's time to move, you'll be offered an in-person review of your move-out process.
Most of all, you'll be part of a community you'll love to call home.

In fact, we guarantee it.

If we haven't met your expectations, within 30 days of move-in, you can transfer to another residence within your community, transfer to another Dweck community, or break your lease with no questions asked and no additional fees.

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